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The SSR & Executive Profiles annual salary surveys partner with ASIS International. We undertake to review more than 12,000 security professionals – data is gathered from a number of sectors including the finance industry, manufacturing, extractives, FMCG and logistics. SSR separately monitor salary data from the service and public sectors and this is available from their bespoke salary data consultancy.

The Bank of England predicted that 2017 wages inflation in the UK would average 3.5%, including bonuses, against Retail Price Index inflation 2.5%. By mid-2017 there is higher than predicted RPI inflation above 3.5% (mainly due to currency fluctuation), and wage growth has been revised down to 2.3%. With firms feeling they cannot fully pass on costs, many are opting to manage increasing wage costs by not recruiting key roles and increasing management productivity through managing more head count. The BoE believes that unemployment can fall further than previously thought before wage inflation starts to accelerate. The fiscal prudence by many analysts has always been that with an unemployment rate of 4.5% (1.5m people unemployed), salaries and interest rates would, as in previous cycles, have to rise. This is not happening, and financial analysts now consider a 3% unemployment rate before we experience employment inflation or BoE hikes the 0.25% base rate.

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