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Cyber and it's value in the corporate world

The value of professionals in the cyber space cannot be underestimated. There is an open, flexible market with demand for personnel outstripping the available resources due to organisations, government and commerce, putting different labels on roles, which has a confudling effect around like for like roles.

The changing threat landscape As recent events show, the threat from cyber is ever evolving: it is easy to buy 5m email addresses and send each of them an infected message, with a 1 in 1m chance of success. Ransomed hostage taking is a peculiar part of the criminal fraternity, not usually aggressive, but clever tactically, a grown up crime, hardly prosecuted, but believed to raise hundreds of millions in Euros across Europe each year. The Insider Threat accounts for more than 70% of
intrusions. If security transgressions are managed solely in the information technology team, they may not join up the information dots in the broader sense of organisational risk. But there is often a big gulf on successful organisational application.

What price cyber protection?...

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