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Articulating your worth in the Boardroom, Including UK Salary Survey 2017 report

The SSR & Executive Profiles annual salary surveys partner with ASIS International. We undertake to review more than 12,000 security professionals – data is gathered from a number of sectors including the finance industry, manufacturing, extractives, FMCG and logistics. SSR separately monitor salary data from the service and public sectors and this is available from their bespoke salary data consultancy.

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Cyber and its value in the corporate world

The value of professionals in the cyber space cannot be underestimated. There is an open, flexible market with demand for personnel outstripping the available resources due to organisations, government and commerce, putting different labels on roles, which has a confudling effect around like for like roles.

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Challenging times for retaining staff

Annually SSR Personnel undertakes a global salary surveys measuring remuneration data across all roles in the security technology sector. Here CEO Peter French talks to PSI about the latest results and what they mean for security installers and employers.

The survey primarily looks at skills development and migrating people from one sector to another.

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Ransomeware/ Malware - Reducing the Risk

Whether a business or an individual, outsider threat is a all too real, take a look at our 'Reducing the Risk' data sheet and familiarise yourself with how best to prevent the incidents that have plagued headlines as of late.

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Addressing your CEO sleepless nights...

What has free thinking and entrepreneurship to do with security?  Plenty if you work in security and risk management for the right company, where it is aligned to a centralised advisory structure. What has terrorism to do with the corporation?

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