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Found below are direct quotes from our clients in response to our service, SSR keep the upmost confidentiality and thus, for this reason alone the clients names are kept anonymous.

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'My company has worked closely with SSR for the past 25 years and value them very highly as a trusted service partner. As our business has grown, we have found the support and guidance of SSR invaluable. This support extends way beyond traditional recruitment activities and SSR have helped us introduce a number of better processes to our business that guarantee we recruit and retain only the best staff.

Their open-minded attitude is a perfect example of SSR's partnership approach to its customers and has been hugely beneficial to my business. They continue to innovate and lead the way'

Security, Logistics and Business provider


'I have known and often engaged with SSR for more than 20 years as both a candidate and a client so I feel well placed to endorse their business services with the highest regard, in fact I am a “raving fan”.
On a personal level I have been able to consult and share information at the most confidential of
times knowing that my conversations and the advice given was by a professional organisation who consider the wider implications for me , probably better than I had myself. This has been most inspiring and valued by me as it has had a direct positive impact on my career development.
As a client I have used SSR`s recruitment services plus used them in a broader way too. The working relationship and services received are first class. The services provided go far beyond being a broker, by matching candidates to positions via a database, which can often be the case when using recruitment agencies. SSR takes the recruitment process to a more strategic level to ensure a proper match between employer and employee is made and both parties benefit.
SSR is my first place of contact for career and employment services because I am dealing with a professional organisation that understands my requirements, meets my objectives, adds value with impartial advice and most importantly of all, are people who I trust.
SSR are a credit to our industry and have become synonymous with high class recruitment services.

Venture Capital Company -


'I have known and worked with SSR Personnel over many years. The Company has always performed to the highest professional standards and with the utmost integrity. It is passionate about helping job seekers find the right post that will match their skill set and qualifications. More importantly they mentor and encourage individuals how best to qualify and
develop themselves. Also how to project and present themselves to perspective employers. This is done without any obligation on the individual and from the conversations I have had with the directors they strongly believe that this is important, in particular to helping young people progress in the work place and generally raise professional standards.

I must have referred countless people looking for a suitable post or a change of direction to SSR
Personnel because I know they will be given personal attention and every opportunity will be
As an employer looking to fill posts I have had no hesitation in consulting and employing SSR. They have always been open and candid about referrals and I have confidence in their ability to filter candidates so that only those suitable are put forward. This has saved my time and not avoided embarrassment or disappointment to those who clearly do not have the capability or qualifications for the job.

The Company has always encouraged its senior staff to engage at all levels with the security industry. They are members of The Security Institute, The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals, ISMA, ASIS and other related organisations. In most of these organisations they sit on the various committees and actively participate. They give of their time freely - organising conferences, workshops, mentoring and counselling sessions, as well as being important contributors to social events and fund raising for a number of charities. For example each year they organise a dinner for the Worshipful Company. The profits go to providing a Disneyland Holiday for terminally ill children and also for Child Victims of Crime. They also played a major role in establishing the Security Benevolent Fund, which provides welfare support to past and present members of the security profession.
The directors have also contributed to forums and debates on the future role of the security industry e.g. licensing, and has been in the lead establishing the Chartered Institute of Security Professionals.
This is a huge step forward to having the qualifications and professionalism within the industry properly recognised.

What makes SSR so special? Their people. Apart from being approachable and personable they are dedicated to their company and passionate about what they do. They treat all their clients as special and work at all times in their best interests'


'SSR have worked with us for over 10 years, in the areas of recruitment, consulting and specialist services. Throughout that time we have found them to be professional, supportive and responsive to change,

They provide timely, appropriate advice and fully participate in the wider security/ recruitment world, ensuring a breadth of knowledge, experience and influence. As regular sponsors, presenters and attendees of conferences, they not only share their knowledge and experience but also take account of current issues and challenges within the industry, with the aim of improving their offering.

They are responsive to requests, suggestions and ideas outside of their core contracted services and readily provide possible solutions to emerging situations and problems.'

British Property Company - City of London


'SSR is a market leading security recruitment consultancy with an outstanding reputation for quality service built on establishing and maintaining close long term relationships with their clients and candidates alike. I consider SSR long lasting placement, an outstanding recruitment company with major expertise and understanding of the security market. They always provide high calibre candidates to their clients, staking their reputation on placing the right candidate to meet their client’s expectations.

Whenever there is a major security conference here in the UK or overseas, SSR will always be there to support the event organisers by offering their expertise in planning or by participating or chairing debates and panel sessions. Peter French in particular can always be relied on for support and advice - his knowledge and understanding of all matters security are legionary.

I would highly commend and endorse SSR for the Security Recruitment'

A Security Professionals Organisation


'I have worked with SSR since 1996 and rate them as the primary security recruitment firm in the world. Since then, I have seen SSR continually commit to conducting pro bono work that benefits the security community. SSR always tries and largely succeeds, as far as humanly possible, in placing the appropriate candidate in the relevant role. SSR’s consultants have always advised on and edited candidates’ applications.

SSR frequently sponsors and widely participates in global and local security events. In summary, SSR stands out from the competition as SSR sincerely cares about their clients’ requirements as well as their candidates’ careers, in equal measure'


'I have had the pleasure of working with SSR in general and Peter French in particular over the past 22 years. In both professional and personal capacities. There is no doubt in my mind that SSR represents the very best in recruitment services for all parts of the security industry from a company’s front gate to its source computer code. From a professional viewpoint I have observed the extra care that SSR takes in all regards to really understand its clients’ needs and constraints. It readily helps to define job specifications, refine the interview process and even to assist candidates with the preparation of their cvs; I have benefitted from all of this and from both sides of the fence! SSR is represented directly or indirectly on many of the leading industry
forums and its views are always held in high regard.
There is a continuity and consistency to the work of SSR; there is a loyalty and energy offered by Peter to everyone with whom he works, that is rare and uniformly respected by the leaders of the security industry. I wish him and his fine organisation every continuing success in the future – their work in my experience is truly excellent.

A Security Company


'Having been recruited to my current organisation by SSR some 21 years ago I have found
them to continually be there for support, guidance and advice. Having started my career as a
Security Officer within my organisation and gone through numerous promotions to reach the position of Head of UK Security I have always found SSR willing to offer unequivocal help
each step of the way. SSR have always had a thorough understanding of my organisations business objective and what our client expectations are. They have assisted me to adapt my CV throughout my career and offered help and guidance when I was preparing for promotional interviews.
I can always rely on SSR to help out with a question or a problem; they have a very impressive reach across the industry and are well respected as Security professionals throughout my peer

Multinational Professional Services Company


'I currently have 52 staff and one of the lowest churn rates in the whole of the company. This low level of churn is, in no small way, due to the great relationship between Sky and SSR. I have worked with SSR for in excess of ten years now; the relationship has grown over that time and is based on good communication and an effective understanding.

It is SSR's ability to understand not just the role required but the necessity of the need for the
cultural fit that sets them apart.
I am pleased to be associated with SSR and have no hesitation in recommending their services
to others.

Telecommunications Company


'Having made some enquiries and looked around myself for a reliable company to
assist me in the recruiting process I soon discovered SSR Personnel.

Over the years I have used the services of SSR Personnel a number of times to fill various posts, and without exception they have always matched the right people to the job on offer, one of whom is still working with me after fourteen yours, proving that the selection and commitment managed by SSR on our behalf works, and works well.
I have come to know the staff at SSR Personnel on a personal basis, not only meeting them when I need to recruit someone, but also meeting them at conferences, seminars, dinners which usually have a security theme attached to them, where we maintain our relationship. It's clear to me that they take their business very seriously and their attendance at these events demonstrates that commitment.
The standards set by SSR Personnel are very high. They pass those high standards on to their clients through advice, service, and ultimately the recruitment process. I will continue to use their excellent services.

Broadcasting Company


'SSR’s CSR output is self-evident. SSR and its leading management in particularly, are recognised for their philanthropic deeds with a number of charities, and through the WCoSP Charitable Trust.
Certainly the SSR team are always available if you need professional advice which is not the norm from others in their sector, and applicants I have recommended should talk to them, always comment on their professionalism.
SSR have set the benchmark by which professional security recruitment is measured, internationally. SSR are to my knowledge the only international security recruitment consultancy, which offers contract, interim and permanent recruitment services. Truly one-shop
services, which I certainly have been a “Raving Fan “of.
Very few recruitment companies can boast of having direct experience of supplying security services, or having leadership with relevant professional qualifications, who are therefore able to relate to the needs of the customer so directly. SSR does

Financial Holdings Company


'Not surprisingly, I count the SSR Personnel whom I have worked with directly during my three-year tour in the UK in this category. I have always valued their steadfast professionalism, dedication to duty, equanimity and commitment to excellence in carrying out a broad range of responsibilities, particularly given the voluntary nature of the work.

I have had the good fortune to work with both Yasmeen Stratton and Peter French (SSR)
whose membership on the council has been highly productive and beneficial to the success of the organization.

An Embassy


'Since my earliest involvement with SSR I was struck by the advanced, progressive approach taken by the business towards it business a ctivities and towards its own staff.
I can only think of less than a handful of other clients that I have worked for in my 20-plus years as an independent consultant, that have taken anywhere near as proactive or forward- looking an approach to employment equality, diversity and staff development within their own businesses (to put this statement into context, I have
worked for around 350 clients, comprising small, medium sized and major international organisations

I have always been struck by the evident and substantial multi-racial, multi-ethnic, sexually diverse and age diverse staff representation on my frequent visits to SSR’s office. I have always witnessed the company’s ethical approach to recruitment and personal development towards its
office based staff, and seen this extended to its commercial recruitment operations for its clients.

SSR’s staff are also individually and collectively, in their approach, innovative and forward thinking, I have no doubt that SSR people constantly strive to exceed all expectations and
frequently achieve this goal.

A Consulting Company


'I have known the business of SSR Personnel for a number of years professionally as they
have helped me over the years and many of my friends and colleagues. Most people will know of Peter French and what he has achieved for the good of this profession. Whilst I would always commend him, I think that many people fail to understand the mechanism that is SSR and all the people that stand behind that.
Even in the challenging time of the past few years the team at SSR still take time to console those made redundant, they understand and show compassion to their candidates and help them to review their CVs and I know this from the many people that comment on the assistance they get from the many consultants at SSR. I have no doubts about referring candidates to the ‘guys’ as I know they will deal with them efficiently and swiftly, which is exactly what candidates need when they are looking to change their career.
On another note, people do not understand the serious business of raising money for good causes and how difficult that can be. Having been on the receiving end of an SSR email inviting me to bring my guests to a fundraising event, you have to understand that this is not a company that just seeks to do business, but an organisation from bottom to top that wants to make a difference to the world they service and to give back to the industry something as it has served them well.

A Professional Security company


'SSR’s care in selecting personnel, certainly influenced by their longstanding experience in the Security sector (and thus not as frequent as might be thought) is one of the main elements of the value added by SSR, and takes the form of the ability to define a profile, first on paper and then in reality (by identifying the person that most closely fits that profile), to meet the client's specifications. Their strong command and deep knowledge of the Security function, in all of its many facets, thus renders the professional relationship with SSR highly effective and efficient, and certainly constructive for both parties.'

Luxury Goods Business


'SSR have contributed substantially to the security industry recruitment processes for many years. Their approach is highly professional, discreet and respected throughout the industry.
I personally have been engaged in their process and can say with the utmost confidence they are market leaders in this arena.
Additional to their daily activity, their pro-bono activities in respect of the annual salary surveys, demographic survey and their interpretation of current and future industry needs are of high quality and provide a valuable insight to both individuals, companies and the broader industry itself. Their collective and individual charitable engagement is immense with the ultimate recognition of their CEO receiving an MBE in acknowledgement of this activity.
As a final endorsement in my professional capacity, I have no hesitation in recommending SSR to any potential security candidate irrespective of their knowledge or engagement within the security sector.

SSR come with my highest recommendation for consideration'

British Banking Company