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Welcome to SSR® Personnel

SSR® Personnel is the largest Recruitment Consultancy & Executive Search practice dedicated to the Security, Fire, Health and Safety sectors, both by revenues and consultants.  Established in 1986, we offer the strongest guarantees of success.

SSR® has been voted the global Security Recruitment Consultancy of the Year. The Award was presented to "the recruitment consultancy that has demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism in dealing with client organisations and potential appointees for security-specific roles across all of the major business sectors”. Judges were unanimous in their praise for the leading position that SSR® holds in such a diverse global sector.

SSR® has a global presence with our new office in the UAE joining our established operations in Asia, Africa, Europe, Mexico and the USA. We are quality accredited to ISO 9001:2008. Our services incorporate talent scanning, retained search, interim hire, permanent and temporary assignments.

SSR®  have consultants dedicated in disciplines and geographical understanding recruiting in Africa, Americas, Asia, China, Europe, India, Middle East & Russia. We provide a global recruitment network for the attraction and retention of talent that will make an impact in your company today.

Typical positions recruited include Corporate Security Management, Cyber Security, Security & Fire Systems Product Sales, Retail and Loss Prevention, Engineering & Project Management, Investigations, Audit, Compliance, Health and Safety.


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Challenging times for retaining staff

Annually SSR Personnel undertakes a global salary surveys measuring remuneration data across all roles in the security technology sector. Here CEO Peter French talks to PSI about the latest results and what they mean for security installers and employers.

The survey primarily looks at skills development and migrating people from one sector to another. Five years ago London and the South East outpaced national wage inflation by 25% but a requirement to up skill due to changing technology and lack of qualified experienced people is leading to a people shortage. Also with a decreasing pay gap between the north and the south and property prices in many of our metropolitan cities climbing above their pre-financial crises levels for the first time, there is pressure on most companies to increase pay rates for experienced employees. This is causing localised wage inflation as we seek quality people in sales and technical roles.

UK 2017 Salary Survey

The SSR & Executive Profiles annual salary surveys partner with ASIS International. We undertake to review more than 12,000 security professionals – data is gathered from a number of sectors including the finance industry, manufacturing, extractives, FMCG and logistics. SSR separately monitor salary data from the service and public sectors and this is available from their bespoke salary data consultancy.

The Bank of England predicted that 2017 wages inflation in the UK would average 3.5%, including bonuses, against Retail Price Index inflation 2.5%. By mid-2017 there is higher than predicted RPI inflation above 3.5% (mainly due to currency fluctuation), and wage growth has been revised down to 2.3%. With firms feeling they cannot fully pass on costs, many are opting to manage increasing wage costs by not recruiting key roles and increasing management productivity through managing more head count.

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Click here for the full article.

Addressing your CEO’s sleepless nights

What has free thinking and entrepreneurship to do with security?

Plenty if you work in security and risk management for the right company, where it is aligned to a centralised advisory structure.

What has terrorism to do with the corporation? Very little today, unless it causes collateral damage. But in the future, corporations could be culpable for allowing company assets to be used to aid terrorists under new legislation being explored by the government. There is a failure by some organisations to understand the array of geopolitical risks they face. Or, an overreaction to compliance is seen in the three lines of defence model implemented by some financial organisations, with a belief that defence in depth will mitigate most challenges.

Cyber and it's value in the corporate world

The value of professionals in the cyber space cannot be underestimated. There is an open, flexible market with demand for personnel outstripping the available resources due to organisations, government and commerce, putting different labels on roles, which has a confudling effect around like for like roles.

The changing threat landscape As recent events show, the threat from cyber is ever evolving: it is easy to buy 5m email addresses and send each of them an infected message, with a 1 in 1m chance of success. Ransomed hostage taking is a peculiar part of the criminal fraternity, not usually aggressive, but clever tactically, a grown up crime, hardly prosecuted, but believed to raise hundreds of millions in Euros across Europe each year. The Insider Threat accounts for more than 70% of
intrusions. If security transgressions are managed solely in the information technology team, they may not join up the information dots in the broader sense of organisational risk. But there is often a big gulf on successful organisational application.

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Click here for the full article

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