SSR Personnel provide Enhanced Disclosures (DBS Checks) for individuals working through SSR requiring the screening of police record checks, where the job function involves working with children, regular contact with vulnerable adults, the administration of law and certain other professions.

The type of check that is required depends on the nature of the position applied for. However, please be aware that SSR Personnel can only provide enhanced disclosures.

For an individual application, the cost is £59.42 + VAT (£62.50). Please fill out the DBS application form and send via email: Payment would need to be made before the application is processed.


Please see below for frequently asked questions.  If you still have queries, that are not mentioned below, please contact Holly Barnes on 020 8626 3100 or

What is an Enhanced Disclosure?

This check is ideal for for those regularly caring for, training, supervising or being in sole charge of children or vulnerable adults.  Enhanced Disclosures will also be issued in respect of other positions such as those seeking judicial appointments, and certain statutory licensing purposes.

All Enhanced Disclosures involve an extra level of checking with local police force records in addition to checks with the Police National Computer (PNC) and the government department lists held by the DfES and DH, where appropriate.  It is up to the Chief Constable of the relevant police force or forces to decide what, if any, information "local information" is disclosed.  Chief Constables can decide that some information may be relevant to the position but do not wish the prospective employee to see the information.  This information will be sent separately to the person who countersigned the application only.

How long are Disclosures valid?

Each Disclosure will contain the date the Disclosure was printed but do not carry a pre-determined period of validity (because a conviction or other matter could be recorded against the subject of the Disclosure at any time after it is issued).  Organisations are advised to make recruitment decisions as soon as possible after receiving their copies of Disclosures.

What is the process for record keeping?

The DBS undertake the check and provide two copies; one to the subject (the individual who is being checked) and one to the signatory requesting the DBS check.  The information is usually identical on both, with a number of key exceptions (i.e. where local police intelligence indicates a potential risk and the Chief Constable of the relevant area deems it relevant not to inform the individual).  These exceptions are rare.  We encourage employers NOT to retain the information beyond the time taken to make a decision.  Because the results are a mater of record, i.e. may be verified if challenged, there is no need to keep a CRB record on file.

How long does it take to obtain a Disclosure?

On average over 90% of Enhanced Disclosures are completed within 4 weeks (upon receipt of a fully completed and valid Disclosure application form - that is with all the information necessary to complete the application).

Disclosure has a criminal record, what next?

The choice of action is a matter for each employer and every role is different.

It is unlikely that offences of a minor nature (such as those disposed of by way of small fines in a magistrates court) will have much bearing on employment unless a link between the crime and the role can be established.  Also time between the offence and circumstances of the offence can all be mitigating factors.  A child stealing from a sweet shop is a crime, but does not compare with the same crime being committed by an adult.
Trust and accountability are often part of the relationship between staff vulnerable clients.  As such the risk assessment will require evaluation.  The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development provide advice to HR managers employing people with a criminal record and further advice is available on the CRB web site.

If the conviction shown on the DBS disclosure is not spent, and the prospective employee failed to disclose the offence, this might create a contractual question relating to ant requirement to disclose convictions as a part of the application process.

All hiring managers need to be aware that the decision is theirs and theirs alone.  The repercussions of those decisions however, have ramifications far beyond!

How much does it cost?

If you are an applicant the cost for the application will be £62.50 + VAT (£75.00 incl. VAT)

If you are an employer and would like to do numerous Enhanced DBS checks please contact Holly Barnes on 020 8626 3100 or

How do I pay for my application?

You can pay by BACS, to do this contact SSR for our bank details to make a BACS payment.


If you would like SSR Personnel to handle your Enhanced Disclosure application, please see below on ways of doing this.

Apply Online - To do this you will have all you ID documents scanned in full colour and into a ZIP file*, as you will only be able to upload one file.

Please Click Here to apply.

* To create a Zip file select all the documents you would like to add, when they are all selected right click on one of them, scroll down to send to and then click on Compressed (Zipped) Folder.


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