What is your approach to recruitment?

We work in niche global disciplines where we understand the market dynamics of recruiting from an entry level of experienced midlevel roles to senior executives. The recruitment approach that we suggest is based on the specific demands of any position, being agile and understanding the requirements for particular skills, the level of seniority, confidentiality required, the resources needed to undertake an assignment effectively.

Our approach can include:

Contracted or Interim solutions – we can provide specialists in the short or longer term we have undertaken over 40,000 assignments since 1986.

Contingent – permanent recruitment with a fee on successful placement.

Executive search –preferred by our clients looking for a key hire, where you require a competency-based approach with extensive background checks and transparent recruiting methods that underpin your hiring selection. 

Whichever method we undertake, clients will benefit from the largest international applicant database and network of contacts of over 5 million reference points built up over 30 years in our niche markets.  These highly effective resources are complimented by dedicated researchers and mapping tools available from being part of a £900 million revenues recruitment company with award winning brands and a sizable group digital media arm.

We offer video interviewing, personality assessment and aptitude testing for applicants.