Capitalising On The Benefits That Technology Brings Security


Capitalising on the benefits that technology brings security

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SSR Personnel recently carried out research into how technological innovation is transforming security and providing practitioners with powerful new capabilities. We have extracted five key pieces of wisdom from their contributors on how to understand the threats and benefits technology can bring security. In a landscape of sudden change , pandemics since SARs and epidemics such as Ebola is an important component of scenario risk modelling . Security risk professionals need to maintain a clear understanding of the business they are part of and how they can be of support. Banning travel to the DRC is not going to trouble most business, restricting travel around Europe should a second wave of CoVid 19 emerge in mid-2021 is going to reverse economic activity and will push economies into recession. The key role of technology, both in terms of business enabler and top threat, must be recognised and prioritised in our approach.