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UK Salary Survey 2021-22

SSR Personnel annual security sector salary survey for 2021 highlights the impact of the pandemic on salaries and benefits plus the changing ways companies are assessed by investors and employees and other influences on the workplace, such as cyber security and GDPR. We have accelerated 5 years of change in the past 18 months.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in 2021 A greater flexibility from business leadership to allow, and perhaps encourage, remote working will see an ever-increasing proportion of women in senior officials or management roles. Security sectors lack diversity: 53% of women in cyber security posts report a delay or denial of their promotion. The World Economic Forum classifies the UK at 47th in their world DE&I rankings of female representation in management,  whilst we have a near equal population representation. France is 59th, Germany is 89th, Italy is 99th, whilst Jamacia is No 1 for female representation.

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